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California Bobtail Insurance - Cheap Rates makes it easy for you to insure vehicles hauling bulk and non-bulk petroleum-based products, including LPG, gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating fuel, motor oil, waste oil, crude oil and asphalt. Common vehicle types for this coverage include trucks and truck/tractor-trailerLos Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, CA. Fuel Haulers Insurance combinations.
Eligible exposures include:

• LPG haulers
• Gasoline haulers
• Diesel fuel hauling
• Motor oil and waste oil hauling
• Home heating fuel hauling
• Crude oil hauling
• Liquid asphalt hauling

California Bobtail Insurance - Cheap Rates specializes in this type of business. We have many years experience in this industry and work with specialized companies in this industry to bring the best service and support and coverage available.

Our fuel marketers carrier programs have been designed to encompass all aspects of the petroleum delivery system. We cover all types of fuel to be delivered to manufacturers, retailers or end users, from gasoline, propane, home heating oil, and used oil.